A submarine sandwich, also known as a sub, grinder, hero, hoagie, Italian sandwich, po' boy, wedge, zep, torpedo or roll, is a popular Italian American sandwich that consists of an oblong roll, often of Italian or French bread, split lengthwise either into two pieces or opened in a "V" on one side, and filled with various meats, cheeses, vegetables, spices, and sauces.

The sandwich has no apparent generic name, and major US cities have their own names for it. The usage of the several terms varies regionally but not in any pattern, as they have been used variously by the people and enterprises who make and sell them.

The terms submarine and sub are widespread and not assignable to any certain region, though many of the localized terms are clustered in the northeast United States, where the most Italian Americans live.

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Grinders Subs Sub Shop (928) 692-7667
4395 N. Bank Street
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3535 N. Stockton Hill Road
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Jimmy John's Sub Shop (928) 757-7770
3411 N. Stockton Hill Road
Kingman, Arizona 86401
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777 W Beale Street
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2615 Northern Ave
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Subs Sub Shop (928) 692-3737
3900 N. Stockton Hill Road, Suite H
Kingman, Arizona 86401
Subway Sub Shop (928) 753-3300
2505 Hualapai Mountain Rd Ste
Kingman, Arizona 86401
Subway Sub Shop (928) 767-3660
953 West Beale Street
Kingman, Arizona 86401
Subway Sub Shop (928) 757-7773
1949 Beverly Avenue
Kingman, Arizona 86409
Subway Sub Shop (928) 692-3733
3880 Stockton Hill Road, Suite 102
Kingman, Arizona 86409
The Garlic Clove Pizza / Italian (928) 753-4100
509 E Beale Street
Kingman, Arizona 86401
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